The Art of Manliness

Despite it's tongue in cheek title, The Art of Manliness is an incredible clearing house for everything related to being a man. There are articles, videos, and recommendations about everything under the sun: nutrition, sports, wellness, survival, business, etiquette, marriage, fatherhood, social skills, relationships and much more. It merges vintage topics and clever writing with current events and practical advice for guys to succeed in life. It's like a huge backpack full of common sense for every young man. "How to end a conversation," "How to use an ax safely and effectively," "How a suit should fit," "10 cheap date ideas she'll actually love," -- these topics are just a sampling of what's in store when you dig through the deep and rich treasures of this site. Some of the posts are serious and even philosophical ("The Rites of Manhood: Man's Need for Ritual"), while others are more like this:


The Art of Manliness also has a podcast (they are a little long, in my opinion) and is a good Facebook follow. Fathers, I recommend this for some great conversation starters with your son, perhaps choosing one a week or month to read together. All guys will enjoy the amazing variety of articles. Every man can become a better one--discovering The Art of Manliness will help.