The Moth Podcast

The Moth is a national storytelling movement that provides opportunities for people to tell true stories in front of live audiences. The stories represent an incredible range of experience, perspective, and life-stage. You never quite know what you are going to get--some are hilarious, some poignant, others just weird. But all are performed live by real people who have a story to tell. At the very least, they get us to think outside our own box. At their very best, they draw us into something we can't stop thinking about.

There are Moth events in more than 25 cities all over the country, and over 18,000 stories have been told this way since 1997. Some of these moments are captured in The Moth Podcast, which is downloaded over 30 million times each year. 

If you are innately curious about people, and love to hear stories that will make you think and laugh, give it a listen. (Warning: often not suitable for children)