All Sons and Daughters

Worship music can get a bad rap these days. Critics say it can be formulaic, simplistic, shallow. Whether that assessment is accurate or not, none of these words can be applied to the music of Nashville-based worship leaders All Sons and Daughters.

All Sons and Daughters, a duo comprised of Leslie Anne Jordan and David Alan Leonard, is creating some of the most artistic and elegant music the church has seen in recent memory. With a warm acoustic style, and rich, tight harmonies reminiscent of the Civil Wars, All Sons and Daughters draw us into a reflective and profound worship experience. Many of the songs from their second album (Season One) and third album (All Sons and Daughters) have become staples of worship. Songs like Rising Sun, Oh Our Lord, Great Are You Lord, and Oh How I Need You are wonderful for congregational worship and are popular in many churches. However, the song that slays me most is an intimate plea for forgiveness

I am a sinner, if it's not one thing it's another
Caught up in words tangled in lies
But you are a Savior, and you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful, beautiful

-Brokenness Aside

Their fourth album (Poets & Saints) is their most creative yet. Drawing upon the works of major characters from church history, hymn-writers, and a tour through Europe, it's a well-crafted journey linking the ancient halls of faith to the modern generation of Christ-seekers. It's good enough to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

At our youth ministry every spring, we do an "Acoustic Prayer Night" on Palm Sunday. We forgo games, snacks, and hype for a quiet, reflective time of music and prayer. It's one of our favorite nights of the year. Our musicians jokingly refer to it as "All Sons and Daughters Night" because theirs is some of the only music worthy of the setting and intention of the evening-- an experience with God. Their music takes us to places we don't often get to go. I hope you will join us.