We live in the age of auto tune. There aren't many voices in popular music delivered clear and pure, let alone so magnificent they give you chills the first time you hear them. There's Adele, Carrie Underwood, maybe Nate Ruess. It's a short list. That's why it's incredible to find two of them in the same band. That's why you need to listen to Johnnyswim.

Johnnyswim is the husband/wife duo of Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano. The two met after a church service in Nashville years ago, and began writing songs together. Their vocal talents form the perfect marriage. Sudano's power is softened by a natural breathy quality reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. Ramirez's voice is a soaring tour de force with unlimited range. With tight harmonies and songs that let each of them shine, it's the best duo since the Civil Wars.

Johnnyswim's first hit, "Diamonds," reached #1 on the Singer/Songwriter chart. It's a great song; I used it for my senior banquet video last year. Their most recent album, Georgica Pond, is filled with romantic ballads and poignant songwriting that carry terrific emotional power. "Say Goodnight Instead" is a heartbreaking, unfolding tale of love that is fading, and "Drunks" is an anthem for the ages:

I wanna write a song the drunks all sing
And the sober sing along
One that's for the man in the ring
To suddenly feel strong
I wanna hear what the Angels played
When they walked my daddy home
I wanna write a song the drunks all sing
And I hope you sing along


If you like powerful vocals, tight harmonies, and stellar songwriting, take the plunge into Johnnyswim.