The Collection

One great features of Spotify is the “similar to” songs that pop up after your chosen song is over. Since I tend to listen to a lot of mellow singer/songwriter types, it’s not surprising that I stumbled upon The Collection.

The Collection is one of those hipster bands that has a huge troupe of musicians, multiple instruments (including horns), and mostly melancholy melodies. The song that first captured my attention is called “DIrt.” It’s an incredible piece of songwriting, using the biblical characters to remind us that we all fail to measure up to the best version of ourselves. Failure is not a disqualification for grace. We all come from dirt.

The next song I stumbled upon is “Beautiful Life.” The song is about being grateful even in the midst of tough times. The tight opening harmonies grabbed me right away. The melody pulled me along. The lyrics kept me till the end. It’s a little catchier and more upbeat, yet just as poignant.

The Collection is led by vocalist and songwriter David Wimbish. The band has morphed their membership over the past few years, and are currently touring with their third album, “Entropy.” I haven’t poured myself into their whole catalog yet, but I will. The music can be a bit downcast and slow, but the lyrics will be worth the time.

At least add “Beautiful Life” and “Dirt” to your regular playlist for mellow days and coffee shops.