Andrew Peterson is the guy I want to be

I have lots of people I admire and a select few I consider my heroes. But there's only one person I want to be. I get to see him on Friday night. His name is Andrew Peterson.

Our youth staff is going to see Andrew Peterson and his "Behold The Lamb" tour this Friday.

"Behold the Lamb" is the Christmas story told through a series of songs. It's a beautiful work of art written mostly by Andrew, and will be told by a variety of very talented musicians who travel with him every December, presenting it to audiences around the country.

For those unfamiliar with Andrew, he's a songwriter from Tennessee with 10 or 12 CDs to his credit. The first time I heard him, I wondered about his voice (a bit nasal), but the more I listened, the more I realized what an amazing songwriter he is. In the tradition of Rich Mullins (one of my heroes), Andrew sees God at work everywhere, especially in nature and in common people. He is able to capture the intersection of heaven and earth in melodies, phrases, analogies and stories like few others can. I love many of his songs. A few make me cry nearly every time I listen to them.

He is one of the founders of the Square Peg Alliance, and a contributor to the Rabbit Room, two communities of artists and musicians who bring Christian warmth and imagination to their cultural reflections and creations. To top it off, Andrew writes books for children, including a CS-Lewis like series called "The Wingfeather Saga," a four-part series full of whimsy, adventure, and toothy cows. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three kids in a home he's nicknamed, "The Warren."

So in a nutshell, Andrew Peterson's life consists of writing great music, performing with legendary musicians, traveling when he wants to, interacting with musicians and artists of amazing creativity and faith, and writing stories, mostly for children. He doesn't have a dream job. He has a dream life. I want to be him. If only I could play guitar!

I'm exaggerating a little, of course. A few years ago Karen and I got the chance to meet him after a concert, and he's also a really nice guy, very down-to-earth and self-effacing. I'm sure he'd think my life was pretty swell and worthwhile. He's the son of a pastor after all. And he's funny, too. He'd probably say something like, "Don't be silly, Andrew Peterson."

Writing, singing, playing, creating -- I love what he does. So maybe when he's done being himself, Andrew will let me have a turn. Until then, I'll enjoy his work vicariously and go see him play when I have a chance. You should, too. I think there are still tickets available. Behold the Lamb is playing 7:00pm Friday at Covenant Life in Gaithersburg.